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  • He cannot read his paper now, or … my hometown has a small playground with a great big slide but my favorite ride takes me up and up and down. Lullaby and goodnight. Toys an bears will keep. It's time for you to sleep. I'll dim the lights and hold you tight. I see it in your eyes. Lu la Lu la Lu la by, sleep my child for mother. I grew up listening to a cassette. The song I fell asleep to was "Its time for sleepy time, its time to close your eyes, its time Sleep while you're rocked by the stream.

    Sleep and remember my lullaby, and I'll be with you when you dream. This is what I remember The time had come to close your eyes and sing … Good Night, Emily. Good night, Emily. Sleep tight, Emily. Jesus keep your dreams. The God above is the God of love so little girls sleep in peace. If ever you should … Peacefully my baby sleep, stars they have began to peep. O'er thy bed of yellow gold, angels white, their wings unflold. Learned this in 6th grade chorus and many years later, as the mother of a little girl, I sang it to her.

    A beautiful song. I lost the tape in transistion and want to pass it on to my niece. Here are the words i know. This is the song my mother sang to us as children. She was a fussy sleeper and this soothed her. Just looking for a download! That is all I remember I've sung it to her and my next daughter forever. It's the most special lullaby to me.

    Sleep little baby now sleep, O'er you my vigil I keep. Birds are returning to nest. Each busy bee is at rest. Babys boat a silver moon sailing in the sky It had a song on it that I just loved, my favorite on the CD. The song goes: Baby love … You're someone becoming somebody new. My heart rejoices when I look at you. You're someone who's special and someday we'll see, The wonderful someone you're growing to be. During the early s someone gave me a cassette tape which was a compilation of Christian artists singing lullabies, I think.

    I've just become a grandmother and can't remember all the words! Grandma sang a lovely melody.

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    Now when I rock my baby, Grandma's soothing words come ecohing across the … Click here to write your own. He's in heaven now. I miss him and … A mother,,, prays to the father Another prays to the father, but her little baby he'll keep. I would sing this and another song to my daughter as a baby every single night. I absolutely love this album. She was born in , and I just had a … A mother,,, prays to the father We used to have a cassette tape with this lullaby on it. We had it for our son 25 years ago. So there's no need to be afraid … good night sleep tight time for a lullaby.

    It went something … This is the way to baby land My grandmother and great used to sing this to me.

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    They wrote the words down for me, but I have since lost them. I was born in They were born in … Hush, my dear one, sleep serenely; Now, my lovely, slumber deep. Close your eyes now and go to sleep, my sweet baby girl. My grandmother sang it to me.

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    Unfortunately, … close your eyes my baby, my little angel sweet. But we can no longer find it. I used to listen to this on a tape I had when I was little and it was just beautiful. I want to learn it so I can sing it for my children. In Graces? When I was three, my Father, a professional musician, taught me this song.

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    Please help! Mother is here with you, Father is close by too, loo … Rest, little one, safe in my arms; I will protect you from every harm.

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    Rest, little one, safe in my arms I will protect you from every harm Holding you closely Keeping you warm Rest, little one Rest, little one Rest. That makes a round trip. My grandma use to sing this song to us when we were young and this is what I remember of it. Tinkle tonkle, tinkle tonkle Brendle can be seen. My mom used to sing this to me, and now I'm singing to my kids but I don't remember all the words. What would I do if I didn't have you? This is a song I remember from a lullaby cassette that my mom used to play for me.

    These are the words we know: Lullaby my little one, sweet lullaby I sing to you. And it's a french lullabye i think. The stars are out, The moon is up, Its time to go to bed. I'm so glad you have a place, to lay your sleepy head. Tell me of Peter Pan Tell me of when you were a boy, of when I shall be a man I like to lay here in the dark I can't find it anywhere, and it is my 5 month old baby boys favorite song.

    Please help!! Will I be pretty will I be smart My mom used to sing it to me and I want to know what its called. I think this is sung by a folk group similar to the seekers. Go to the land far away, there with the angels do play. Then from that magical shore, come back to mommy once more. Looking for song and recording to purchase. Any help is much appreciated.

    Thank you. La branch a casse p'tit oiseau a tombe. Ah le pauvre pt'it oiseau.

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    Go to sleep my baby, close your little eyes, the mother moon is watching from her starry skies. Does anyone know the rest of the song? I know the tune but the words have faded over the years. Used to put me to sleep when i was little.

    Does anyone have the melody or the rest of the lyrics? It was a lullaby I heard when I worked at a daycare from Not rated yet Many years ago my aunt would sing this song to my little girl who just delighted in hearing the song. My aunt was born in and has since passed so … singing ula, ula bye bye. Not rated yet Signing ula ula ula ula bye bye Thanks for your help to find it!