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This week, the old metal garages come down and barn lighting goes in. In the main house, it's time to install the air conditioning and kitchen window casings. Plans are made for a new garage, Norm makes a winding stairway in the Barn, a range is installed in the kitchen, and the sunroom gets a copper roof. Bob Vila takes a look at spiral staircases and a factory where they are made, we look at reproducing the original fireplace tiles, and we look some modern kitchen appliances. Bob Vila inspects custom kitchen cabinets in the Barn, checks on plaster work upstairs. Landscape architect Tom Wirth talks about brick paving and takes us on a tour of a granite quarry.

A heat pump gets installed in the Barn unit, a countertop is made for a bathroom, Norm begins paneling with white cedar, and Bob takes a side trip to see the process by which the white cedar came from trees in North Carolina to paneling in the Barn. It's been four months since the last show, and Bob Vila shows us progress they have made.

We look at the installation of a parquet floor and see some kitchen cabinets. An interior decorator gives advice on how to fill the space. Bob Vila opens the show outside the completed Bigelow House - final show of season - gives rundown for show. The Woburn House. Host Bob Vila introduces you to the newest star of This Old House -- a ranch-style tract house badly in need of elbow room. Bob and master carpenter Norm Abram discuss the possibilities for creating space where none presently exists.

And they'll take you on a tour of the neighborhood to see how other homeowners have transformed their houses from the 50s into roomier, energy-efficient homes for the 80s. Then the house gets an energy audit and recommendations for cost-effective solutions to specific energy problems. Rich Trethewey appraises plumbing work to be done. Host Bob Vila tours the new living space. Rich Trethewey roughs in the new bath off the master bedroom, then goes outside to check on Norm Abram and the condition of the roof.

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Back inside, Bob is busy steaming off the old wallpaper. This Old House host Bob Vila shows you how to waterproof a basement-turned-living room and discusses plans for installing a wood burning stove in the family room. Norm is busy putting in the new windows and doors. Host Bob Vila helps install the shower in the new master bedroom. Then Bob shows you how to construct your own cabinets. Bob Vila and carpenter Norm Abram tear down the old wood paneling in the basement rec room.

Upstairs, it's time to install the new kitchen counter and decorate the master bath. Then he warms up the garage-turned-living room with new insulation. Carpenter Norm Abram shows you the right way to dry wall a new room including important tipes on taping and sanding. Then Bob Vila and Norm talk about tools: which ones are right for the job.

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Host Bob Vila shows you how to trim the windows and doors. He also gives you time-saving tips on preparing and painting interior walls. Bob Vila is in the kitchen installing the new appliances. Back indoors, Bob shares some professional secrets for mistake-proof wallpapering. It's easy when you know how. Bob Vila gives you some pointers on laying a no-wax floor. Then Bob and Norm discuss the finishing touches on the renovation. Outside, Bob checks the progress of the landscaping.

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The tract house from the s is now a bright, new energy-efficient home for the s. Bob Vila and carpenter Norm Abram take you on the grand tour of the newly renovated house. You won't recognize the place! The Arlington House. Our host takes you on a tour of the newest project - a three-story Greek Revival farmhouse in Arlington, Massachusetts.

Over the next 26 weeks, he and his crew of building craftsmen will transform this old house from the s into an idea house for the s that gives viewers and homeowners a new sense of what a home can be.

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Our host considers the many remodeling possibilities for the old house with architect Jock Gifford and landscape architect Tom Wirth. Where to begin! Our host brings in the crane and demolition of a portion of the old farmhouse begins. Later, our hosts talks with a slate contractor about the old slate roof and discusses the merits of sandblasting. The crew also conducts a window and door energy audit. Our host and master carpenter undertake the task of framing in the new wing of the s Greek Revival farmhouse. Our host and crew tackle the insulation of the old farmhouse's new wing.

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Our host and crew assess the old farmhouse's electrical need and update wiring for today's lifestyle. Our host and crew shingle the new wing and plaster ceilings in the old portion of the s farmhouse. Host Bob Vila installs replacement window sashes and balances with Norm Abram. Lighting selections and layout decisions are made for the ground floor of the house. The kitchen cabinets and island are laid out.

Host Bob Vila tours an exercise room and greenhouse spa on Nantucket Island. After sandblasting damage from improper installation of the front steps, and window sill are shown. Outdoor lighting and landscape planning is discussed during a tour of the grounds. Host Bob Vila talks about concrete deck supports with Norm Abram, and looks at wooden and steel doors for the house. Rich Trethewey shows how a whirlpool tub will be installed in the master bathroom. Bob makes a trip to a local home improvement store to look at cabinets, a dishwasher and a fridge. Host Bob Vila talks about climate control and wall covering in the wine cellar with Norm Abram.

Bob tours another wine cellar previously designed by John Gifford. Another layer of insulation is added to the attic above the third floor. Sal shows Bob how to repair a chip in a circular plaster cornice and duplicate existing corner sections. Sam shows Bob different styles of fencing, and how the particular fence for the hose is made.

Tom Shoumarn shows Bob how the hot tub is installed and setup.

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  • Tom Worth and Wayne Mezin select a Canoe Birch tree for outside the kitchen, and other plants for around the house. Sal Vasallo demonstrates cornice plastering with a template in the media room.

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    Host Bob Vila talks to Jim Boroughs about storm window selection and installation. Jack describes how cabinets are made and finished. Bob Vila shows off the new exercise room's skylight and patio doors. Outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico Bob tours a community of passive solar heated houses, walks through an adobe house in construction, and a finished house with solar panels.

    In the apartment kitchen Norm shows how to install a parquet floor. Christy Stadelmaier tile for the steam room, upstairs bathrooms, and kitchen. Norm does finish work on a redwood doorjamb and baseboards. Our host discusses the problem of roof damage on the newly expanded dining area.

    Next, he visits a super-insulated home in Aurora, Illinois, and talks with its builder Perry Bigelow about construction details. Host Bob Vila tours the yard with landscape architect Tom Wirth to discuss the plans there. Ditmer walks through the Arlington House and makes recommendations for the decor. Later, our master carpenter starts construction of the sauna. Our host and the crew work outdoors installing the farmhouse's redwood gazebo and stockade fence. In the apartment kitchen, Richard Trethewey explains the installation of a sink and hot water heater. Our host and the crew install Palladian windows on the garage and then outfit the apartment kitchen, Richard Trethewey explains the installation of a sink and hot water heater.

    Our host and the crew install a Palladian window on the garage and then outfit the apartment kitchen with appliances. Later, our master carpenter builds and installs a passive lock system. Our host reviews the installation of a projection television system in the media room and tile in the main kitchen. In the wine cellar, expert Phillipe Pascal makes suggestions for stocking French wines. Our host walks through the Arlington farmhouse for another look at lighting needs, then discusses mirrors and equipment for the exercise room.

    German wine expert William Steifensandtaks about his recommendations for the wine cellar. Our host takes a final tour of the fully decorated ""dream house of the s. Then he descends the hallway stairs for a look at the totally equipped media room, library and dining room. There's a final view of the grounds before the crew says goodbye to Arlington. The Brookline House. Our host kicks off the new season with a retrospective look at the first four seasons of This Old House.

    Combining original clips with updated footage, he recalls the restoration of a rundown Victorian house, the conversion of a mansion into condominiums, the expansion of a s tract house and the rehabilitation of a Greek Revival-style farmhouse. The star of this season's the All New This Old House is revealed: an energy-efficient solar home to be built from scratch in Brookline, Massachusetts.