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RTA seeks diverse teaching artists to deliver transformative arts programs in New York State correctional facilities.

Art forms being sought include music, dance,. Can you bring fresh ideas in media making and education into our program offerings? If so we would like to meet you.

Teaching Artists are supported by an Education Specialist in designing the residency and lesson plans. Reel Works seek professional filmmakers with concentrations in cinematography, screenwriting, producing, and directing to lead Reel Works Fellows, an advanced filmmaking program for accomplished young directors and craftspeople within these concentrations.

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Just as with other fields of education, art majors must pass basic proficiency exams in reading, writing, and mathematics early on in the program. As the program ends, the future art teacher will have to pass art specific pedagogy tests. Some programs may also require passing grade level generalized tests for teaching at some or all grade levels. Scores for such tests will vary from state to state.

Some states may offer alternative certification for individuals with industry-specific experience or skills; however, this route may not necessarily lead to full licensure. Each state has different requirements for becoming a teacher.

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Each state has different requirements for becoming a certified teacher. To find out specific requirements, click on your state. Although art teachers can usually teach grades K, they are most common in middle and high schools. Some elementary schools may have an art teacher to serve multiple grade levels.


The students in an art class in grade school will be students who are required to take the class, typically two to three times a week. Some school districts have an art teacher that travels between schools to teach skills to numerous classes. Learn more about a career as an Elementary School Teacher. At the middle school level, art is often an elective. Some students will choose the elective while some will be placed in the class because others are full.

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This means the mix of students will vary greatly. High school art students will likely have chosen to take an art class so these students will mostly be interested in art and know more than just the basics. An art teacher teaches different styles of art relative to the age of the students.

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An elementary teacher may begin by teaching how to mix colors or to draw shapes. A middle school teacher may start to experiment with different mediums such as watercolors, pastels, or chalk.

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High school students may take art a bit further with a large scale projects or the use of new techniques to create art. A typical art classroom can vary from school to school, but in middle and high schools, the art room usually contains large tables, easels, cabinets for storage, and at least one sink for clean-up.

Applications for Summer Institute will open in December TAP prepared me to adapt to all kinds of collaborative teaching, as well as gave me the tools to handle challenging situations within the public school system. Community-Word Project establishes Collaborative Arts Residencies in New York City Title I schools, after-schools, and public libraries to bring professional writers and artists to underserved classrooms and provide kids with a unique and stimulating arts-integrated curriculum. Our Teaching Artists work alongside classroom teachers and after-school leaders to integrate creative and critical thinking skills through the arts.

CWP offers multi-disciplinary arts curriculum, often delivering the only educational exposure these children have to creative writing, art, music, and movement. In accessing alternative learning channels, kids discover their personal passion, strengthen their voices, and engage in learning. Two Professional Teaching Artists Per Classroom A writer is paired with a visual artist, musician, photographer, dancer or theater artist to teach weekly during and week residencies. Our Teaching Artists collaborate with classroom teachers to plan and integrate the arts and Common Core curriculum, which spans grades Interdisciplinary Arts Programming Poetry and creative writing are central to our program, but our pedagogy is interdisciplinary to access various learning styles and expose students to a variety of artforms.

Students write poems both individually and collectively while exploring music, dance, and visual media as outlets of creative expression.