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This call can be returned at Thank you and have a great day. Flu shot scam - I was just at Acme and they didn't have the appropriate vaccine. Very deceptive and convincing scam call - do not answer any Service call.

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Those have been Medicare pain-relieving brace and expired Microsoft calls in the past. No idea why this hasn't been stopped. This is NOT scam. Its a student loan company affiliated with Sallie Mae and they are calling because you aren't paying your student loan payments.

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Enough is enough!!!! Forced to suspend your social security number with immediate effect. Due to this all your social benefits will be canceled until further clearance. In case you feel this is due to an error.

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I called the back. They ask for your credit card right off the bat without even specifing which card. I pressed 0 and the computer voice said they would connect me with a customer rep. A woman with a very heavy Spainish accent answered and promptly asked for my full name and credit card. I asked as to which credit card company they represented as I had several. She hesitated as stumbled out that any card was fine. I hung up.

They called and told us that our laptop IP address had been hacked. I said thank you and hung up. They called themselves Apple Called stating that power will shut off in 30 minutes due to non payment 3 months Was asked to call another number to pay immediately High Risk Numbers. Show more numbers. Medium Risk Numbers.

Low Risk Numbers.

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There are plenty of reverse directories that catalog numbers and provide a simple search engine to look through them. Here are a few of the most useful:.

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Use the Reverse Search menu to select , and then enter the rest of the number in the box. If the number is found on this site, you'll get the result in seconds.

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This toll-free number lookup service is extremely easy to use: enter the number and wait for the result to pop up below the text box. Whitepages is one of the best free ways to find people online , and it's just as helpful for searching numbers. Enter the number to see the business that owns it.

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Some results show an address and the company's website, too. You can also do the opposite and find an number by browsing through companies. This is helpful if you don't have the number but you want it, and all you know is the company name or the type of company it is. Many businesses publish their numbers on their social networking profiles, so this is a great way to look one up if the resources above weren't helpful. A quick search for the number on Twitter or Facebook is where you should start to see who the number belongs to. Those sites and other social media platforms have search boxes you can use to quickly scour what people are saying about that number.