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The ecclesiastical returns are contemporary copies of registers of baptisms, marriages and burials sent to London for the information of the East India Company and the India Office. The practice was begun by the chaplains of the East India Company's principal settlements and became a regular feature of the British administration in India.

The records relate almost entirely to European and Eurasian Christians; few local converts are included. It is thought that roughly seventy five per cent of the information recorded in India was sent to London. The ecclesiastical returns include people from all walks of life: civil servants, army and navy personnel, medical officers, scientists, business people, traders, travellers, missionaries. Birth registers are not as common, as the registration of births was not compulsory and very few are entered in the records.

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Registrations do not generally appear until the s. Entries show date and place of birth, child's name, parents' names and their nationality and religion, father's occupation, date of registration.

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Civil Service records in the birth and baptism records contain the details of Civil Engineers, candidates for the Indian Telegraph Department, candidates for the Public Works Department and Indian Forest Service, surgeons, assistant surgeons and candidates for the Indian Medical Service. Their application papers often contain details of their birth or baptism.

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  • After , civil servants were appointed to overseas posts by an elaborate system of patronage exercised by members of the East India Company Court of Directors. Candidates, who were first nominated by a director upon recommendation of some mutual acquaintance or from personal knowledge, submitted autograph petitions for employment to the court.

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    Upon appointment, they entered into a bond with two sureties for the faithful performance of their duties. The privilege of nominating was extended to members of the Board of Control in The cadet papers consist of application forms and petitions, birth or baptism certificates produced to satisfy age regulations, testimonials, and related correspondence and memoranda, forwarded to East India House when a cadet's appointment was under consideration - baptism certificates are lacking in some of the early papers but appear regularly from c onwards.

    Cadets were often 'recommended' to their patron by a mutual friend or acquaintance and after nomination were obliged to forward to East India House a formal application, a certificate of age and relevant testimonials. Final approval of their appointment was given after they had appeared before the Committee of Correspondence until , the Military Seminary Committee or the Political and Military Committee after Cadet papers and petitions cover both the marine and military departments of the East India Company.

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    The almost 2. These records comprise the archives of the East India Company , the Board of Control or Board of Commissioners for the Affairs of India — , the India Office , the Burma Office , and a number of related British agencies.

    Users can provide certain personal details such as name, gender, hospital name, etc. List of fire stations in Tamil Nadu is given.

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