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Luckily, DNA testing revealed who my birth father was. So, good luck to you! Thank you for all of your hard work. New York-born adopted adults who are currently Illinois residents have been watching and waiting for this day. Leaving adoptees behind in legislation that becomes law does nothing in the quest for freedom of all adoptees. Do it for her because she is a human being with feelings. What was done to her and a few others in Illinois is a disgrace for so-called adoptee rights.

I am so grateful for all the work that has been done to make this happen. Simply said, Thank you. Thank you for all of your persistence and hard work! This means so much to me and my mental health.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you! From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Your hard work and sacrifice are going to benefit so many. You have my everlasting gratitude. A big thank you to all those that worked so hard to get this passed. Although it will not help me identify my fathers parents as he was an abandoned baby in NYC in and taken to Bellevue Hospital and then to NY Foundling, Placed as an indentured child with his future adoptive parents, but was not officially adopted by them until after they had 3 natural children.

He died in without ever knowing his origins or real name. The name he had in Bellevue was Joseph Ryan. Do not know if that was real or made up for him. His birth day was created based on his appearance and put as May 28, Good Luck to all the adoptees that now will have their birth certificate. This is truly amazing! The work that has been done by many individuals has changed the lives and futures of everyone affected by the adoption triad! Thank you to everyone who worked tirelessly to make this Bill pass both the Senate and now the Assembly. I am moved beyond words, for I had wondered if I would see this in my lifetime.

I learned that I was adopted when I was 5, I am going to turn You may also recall a Jean Paton from Colorado. She was a social worker who helped people adopt and was an adoptee herself. She changed everything around to become a tireless, selfless advocate for adoptees, incl. I received many letters of encouragement as I embarked on my search. At least in her part of the U. I think she was a pioneer for promoting understanding about how vitally important it is to know our birth origins and birth family if at all possible.

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It is a right, and that right has been restored in NYS, and my deepest appreciation goes to everyone and anyone who contributed time, devotion, and tenacity to help all the people in this adoption circle. Born in New York only! If a copy of the OBC from the other jurisdiction is not available from a New York registrar, then information that would have appeared on the OBC must be provided by the adoption agency.

According to the article above, the new law will also address the issues of adoptees born elsewhere but adopted in New York State. The law will:. They need it, in order to create the amended birth certificate. So yes, it should be there, and accordingly, it should be available to you when the records are unsealed, as with any other adoptee in NYS. Libby B: The provisions of the bill are such that in the event of someone born out-of-state, the information which would have appeared on your birth certificate will be provided.

This is contingent on what is in the court adoption file or agency file, if any and may possibly be on file with the Adoption Information Registry.

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We did not leave anyone behind — so if your adoption was finalized in New York State, you are eligible to receive your self-identifying information under this law. And to the original question, it will include children born in another country Korea, Italy, etc.

However, in some cases NY may not have a copy of the actual OBC from the other country, but NY or the agency involved would provide the self-identifying information that would have appeared on an OBC, if they have this information. At long last,the state of New York has awakened to the present giving adoptees what truly belongs to us. I have waited almost 83 years.

Thanks to all who have made this happen! Thank you NY and anyone who supported this. So grateful to NY! Wonderful News!! My mother and her brother both now deceased always wanted a a copy of the birth certificate and adoption papers. Now I can fulfill their dreams and place them at their grave sites. Thank you!

I am 73 years old, with no information on my birth parents or other biological relatives. Ancestry DNA informed me about my ethnicity, but unfortunately no close relatives were found. What a thrill to know that in a few months I will finally be able to see my authentic birth certificate instead of the offensive fake Certificate of Birth by Adoption! Yes, fake birth certificates are offensive.

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We need to abolish this absurd law that revokes, seals, and replaces birth certificates of all adopted people. Until we do, this adoptee access law will be helpful. What a huge milestone! After many decades belonging to different organizations trying to make this happen, you all did it!

I have been watching in such angst hoping it would get to a vote, and that the vote would be positive! And what an overwhelming vote it was! Thanks to all of you who put in so many long hours, and have stuck with it for all these years, so those of us who were adopted can find out who we are! I am so excited to look forward to seeing my OBC, and to show it to my kids.!

Thank you so much! Congratulation to all NY adoptees. This is merely a civil right ….. Thank you so very much!! Will someone take us through the steps we need to take to obtain our birth certificate? This is our day. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make this happen. Please continue to let us know how and when to be present when needed.

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So grateful for your work. Thank you so much for your tireless work.

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Watching the past 2 days unfold has been astounding. Clearly it was hard work and careful planning and positive attitudes. Just plain, never giving up. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! There are a LOT of adoptees who will be sleeping like babies tonight! Thank you so very much. My father was from Ireland and adopted in NYC.